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Brilliant Skin

Brilliant Skin Essentials is the gem in the beauty and cosmetics brand in the Philippines. With natural, safe and proven formulation offered by Brilliant Skin Essentials, it continuously creates accessible beauty products to fulfill the skin care needs of Filipinos.

In November 2015, a young mother, 19 year old Glenda Dela Cruz Victorio from the Province of Morong, Rizal, suffered severe skin eruptions on her face. This caused the bubbly Glenda to shy away from people.

But together with her husband Mart Crispher Victorio, she was struggling then to raise their first born by way of on-line reselling whatever low priced products they can buy in a famous commercial center in Manila. She sold candles, slippers and all sorts of cheap goods. This simple livelihood provided her family’s needs but the more work they do, the hours of travel, and stress --- the more skin eruptions which affected Glenda’s confidence.

Until Glenda thought of a brilliant idea. A charcoal soap.

She researched active ingredients that may help clear her skin problems. And called this Black Glamour. With savings from their on-line selling , the charcoal soap were produced. She used it on herself religiously and eventually gave positive results on her skin. She as living proof that Black Glamour soap works!

With her husband, and their old computer printer , they labelled the soap using stickers at home. Glenda’s positivity and her testimonial on her charcoal soap, pave way for people to buy from her on-line store. And true enough, by word of mouth and social media, the efficacy of the brilliant product flourished. Soon, the company, Brilliant Skin Essentials was established in July 2016.

From one successful idea, Glenda was inspired to help more people.

With every effort to ensure the safety and efficacy of Brilliant Skin Essentials products, her second creation, the Brilliant Skin Essentials Rejuvenating Facial Set, is considered a diamond! With the combination of active ingredients, the set exfoliates, tones and rejuvenates the skin. It controls acne, whiten dark spots, blemishes and other skin discoloration for younger –looking skin.

The young CEO meticulously adhered to the formulation, packaging , and other technicalities required by the Food and Drug Administration. And with amazing testimonials from consumers, Brilliant Skin Essentials, responding to incessant demand, in just one year, has now more than 2000 resellers, and more than 300 franchisee and distributors nationwide.

Brilliant Skin Essentials also created other exciting beauty gems for the daily skin care of the Filipinos. These include the Whitening Facial Set, Lotions, Whitening Scrubs, Deodorant and other skin care products. And their best seller the Tomato Natural Rejuvenating Facial Set which is suitable for sensitive skin, teenagers, pregnant and lactating women.

Indeed, Brilliant Skin Essentials inspiring story, outstands, and proves that dreams, driven by brilliant ideas, passion and faith in God , create SUCCESS!

Brilliant Skin Essentials,

Together We Shine!