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Hortaleza Professionals

HBC, Inc. was founded in 1993 by the husband and wife team of Dr. Rolando B. Hortaleza and Dra. Rosalinda Ang-Hortaleza. Selling initially nail care products, it became famous for selling salon accessories and tools on top of its reliable sharpening service.

In 2002, new image stores were launched while aggressive expansion in the country was undertaken. This was also the year when HBC launched its own brands—collectively known as Beauty Exclusives, providing its customers with quality cosmetics, skin care, hair color, and other personal care products that give value for money.

Now, with over 180 stores nationwide, HBC, a multi-billion company ranking among the top 1,000 corporations in the Philippines, continues to envision HBC as the store that offers beauty and personal care products with the best value, giving everyone the right to be beautiful.