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Cream Silk is a local jewel and was launched in 1894, pioneering the hair conditioner market in the Philippines. As a conditioner-only brand, it was able to clearly communicate the benefits of conditioner versus shampoo alone, bringing forth a new, relevant, and disruptive proposition to the category. Where hair choices were previously driven by hygiene only, Cream Silk was the first to promise "super soft, super silky, super beautiful" hair to Filipinas. Cream Silk, for 30 years, has been the No. 1 Hair Care Brand in the Philippines. Cream Silk recognizes that Filipinas have varying hair problems, making their hair look and feel lifeless. Cream Silk provides expert solutions to address each of them. Filipinas trust that no matter what their hair need, Cream Silk provides them the best solution, expertly made for their hair. Cream Silk is chosen by modern Filipinas, women who are most admired in the country not just for their beauty, but for their uncompromising attitude and remarkable achievements. The Cream Silk Filipina never settles and always goes for greater – from their beauty, to their lives.