A Bonne Yogurt Milk Whitening Underarm Cream 7in1 30g

The formula is derived from natural sources, making one of the best and safest whiteners for skin. Abonne Whitening Underarm and Dark Shadow Cream is a dark spot corrector. By clearing skin cells and bring up a brighter and whiter skin. Glutathione and Yogurt give you a whiter and softer skin. Wasabi Extract helps to deodorize with confidence to protection. This cream is hypoallergenic and does not irritate sensitive skin. It is free of both Hydroquinone and Paraben.


    Reduce Odor

    Smoothen Skin

    Non irritate Skin

    Natural Deodorant

    Whiten Underarm

    Reduce Dark spots

    Minimizes Pores


Direction: After shower, towel dry and apply Abonne Whitening Underarm Cream onto the underarm area.