Derm Exfoliator Epsom Salt Scrub 250g

Say hello to extra glowing and brighter days as you scrub all the dead skin cells away with RyxSkin Derm Exfoliator Epsom Salt Body Scrub! 

It’s the RyxSkin’s approach on a luxurious spa treatment! Set up your home spa when you match your shower with this 100% Epsom Salt that has Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil and Avocado Oil!


•scrubs all the dead skin away

•for brighter skin

•for lighter and more glowing skin

•for softer, more supple and smoother skin

•for relaxing “spa-like” moment

Use 2-3x a week to achieve great result.  



*Starting with wet or dry skin to apply the product is fine. This will depend on your liking!