Eirian Collagen 8 vials/box 15ml

There are things we simply can’t take back or do over— words already spoken, yesterdays, and images taken on film. The same goes with youth and with age, but what if, what if you can make your skin look as if you went back in time?

The Eirian collagen levels decrease as we grow older. Eirian Collagen is a mixed-fruits-flavored 15ml vial that helps restore skin’s collagen, which is an important protein that connects skin, muscles, and tendons together and gives skin structure. With Sialic Acid, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid, Eirian Collagen helps maintain the skin’s youthful glow and helps make wrinkles and fine lines look less prominent with every use. Eirian Collagen uses Patented Fish Collagen Peptides for fast and better absorption.


What you get: Fourteen (14) 15ml vials 


What’s in it: 
Fish Collagen, Vitamin C, Sialic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin


How to use: 

Step 1: Shake well.

Step 2: Puncture the inner protective seal with included straw.

Step 3: Allow liquid to dissolve under the tongue for at least 60 seconds.

Step 4: Sip and enjoy.