Eyecrayon (Do-It-All Eyeshadow Stick)


A creamy matte do-it-all eyeshadow stick that shades, defines and contours, comes in 10 colors inspired by the natural contours of your eyes — it’s like your lids but with a little something extra. All shades are created to look good on you.

dough ◌ peach beige
camel ◌ honey tan
pretzel ◌ warm almond
bambi ◌ sepia
clay ◌ terracotta rust
tangelo ◌ orange spice
jujube ◌ berry mauve
velour ◌ dusty rose
teddy ◌ chocolate
earth ◌ blackish brown


Why it’s so good? 
🟠 smudgeproof
🟠 creaseproof
🟠 waterproof
🟠 10 hour wear
🟠 built-in sharpener
🟠 paraben-free
🟠 cruelty-free
🟠 fragrance-free


- the crayon that does it all