GMEELAN Orange Enzymes Exfoliating Brightening Gel 50g

The benefits:
1. Improve the dull skin caused by too thick keratin
2. Improve uneven skin color due to melanin deposition
3. Improve skin problems such as coarse pores and rough skin
4, get rid of blackheads, acne, acne marks
Star ingredients:
* 5X whitening essence: Korean light grass ganidine, nicotinamide, Dutch vitamin C, glutathione, pearl powder, block melanin in the whole pathway, remove cutin at the same time, make skin bright and white.
* Lactic acid, citric acid, lime peel oil, deep sea salt: effective deep cleaning, peeling off skin cuticle, improve skin dullness, roughness, goose skin and other problems.
* Jojoba seed oil microcapsules wrap blood orange particles to help soften cuticle, remove old waste cutin, clean and penetrate dirt and grease inside pores.
* Witch hazel water astringents pores, soothes and repairs skin surfaces, leaving your skin pure and shiny.
No Alcohol
Paraben - free
No mineral oil
No stain
Vegetarian friendly
No kills
How To Use:
1. Dry face and hands.
2. Gently smear the exfoliating gel on the face, elbow, knee, boot, etc., massage in circular motion until the cutin softens.
3. Add water and rinse thoroughly.
4. You can use the body scrub after using the Exfoliating
5. Gel, the effect is better
Please do not apply it on damaged, scalded, eczema, pustules, abnormal pigment and other damaged skin.