Happy Skin Facial Sculpting Gua Sha & Eye Roller (De-puff + Lift + Contour)

De-puff, lift, and contour for a fresh, glowing complexion with Happy Skin’s new Facial Sculpting Gua Sha & Eye Roller. A sleek all-around facial tool made of a hypoallergenic alloy that can be popped in the fridge to instantly cool skin, its unique shape gently hugs the contours of the face and fits neatly in the hand for ergonomic use. By performing the lifting and stroking movements at least once a day, it promotes blood circulation for a smooth, even-toned complexion and tightens sagging skin for more contoured features. It also comes equipped with an eye roller to refresh tired eyes, reduce puffiness, and prevent fine lines.

HAPPY SKIN SAYS: Zamac is a durable zinc-based alloy that can be stored in the fridge for an instant cooling effect. It is hypoallergenic to ensure zero reactions from its use.

Apply serum, moisturizer, or facial oil on cleansed skin. Hold the tool flat against skin and perform stroking and lifting motions on the cheekbone, jawline, forehead, and neck areas. Use the attached eye roller on the eye area, gently gliding it beneath and on the sides of the eyes.