Happy Skin Makeup Brush Cleaner (Soap + Silicone Mat)

Maintain your brushes for long-term use with the help of the Happy Skin Makeup Brush Cleaner. Conveniently designed even for on-the-go cleaning, it consists of a solid cleansing soap and a textured silicone pad to purify and degunk your tools so they’re good as new. Simply glide the brush head directly on the soap to lather up, and then work the bristles through the pad’s ribbed surface to loosen up accumulated dirt and makeup. And there you have it—squeaky-clean brushes!

HAPPY SKIN SAYS: Tea Tree Oil is a naturally derived antibacterial ingredient that helps disinfect brushes, while Olive Oil seals in moisture to keep bristles from drying out.

HOW TO USE: Wet the brush head, taking care not to soak the ferrule connecting the bristles to the handle. Swirl the brush onto the soap to form a lather. For a quick clean, rinse the bristles until the water runs clear. For a more thorough cleanse, scrub the brush on the silicone mat to lift deep-seated grime. Squeeze out any excess water and lay brushes to dry flat.