Luxe Skin Beauty Talks Booster C+C (Vitamin C + Collagen) 500mg 60caps

A fascinating formulation that will holistically heal you from within. It helps strengthen our immunity by supplementing the vitamins and minerals that we need to supply potent anti-oxidant and other essentials needed to boost our immune system, detoxify damaged cells, rejuvenate our skin, help slow down aging and also trim down weight.
Active Ingredients and their benefits:
Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen
Improve skin appearance, reduce signs of aging, and accelerate skin healing.
Easily absorbed by our body
Helps improve skin elasticity and hydration
Sodium Ascorbate
Less acidic form of Vitamin C
Help reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease
Powerful antioxidant that can strengthen your body’s natural defenses
Calcium Ascorbate
Improves immune function
Repairs damaged tissues
Promoting bone, teeth, and skin health
High in antioxidants
Contains potent anti-aging effects
Help relieve osteoarthritis symptoms
Hyaluronic Acid
Help increase skin moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Help speed up wound recovery
Reducing joint pain in people with osteoarthritis.
Reduce inflammatory markers
Increasing burnt calories to reduce weight
Improves blood sugar levels
Each bottle contains 60 capsules