Luxe Slim Promeal Taro Hearty Meal Diet 10s

Perfect for your healthy and balance diet as it consist Instant Oats, Co||agen, G|utathione and Ashwaganda with real flavor coming from Taro Extract. This drink is high with protein and equivalent to one complete meal, it also consist multivitamins that can strengthen our muscles, boost our immunity, good for our heart's health and can help us achieve a glowing and radiant skin. Taro Hearty Meal Diet is a perfect, handy on-the-go meal.


Helps promotes weight loss

Supports metabolism

Helps relieve constipation

Helps Healthy digestion

Good source of fiber

Prevents bloating

Lowers cholesterol level

Helps boost heart health

Helps lower blood pressure

Boosts the immune system

Boost brain function

Improve bones, hair and muscle

Loaded with vitamins and minerals

Enhance muscle growth

Helps achieved glowing and radiant skin


Pour one (1) sachet of product to 150 ml to 200 ml of hot or cold water and stir. Can be consumed as a meal replacement anytime of the day.


Almond Milk Creamer, Quinoa, Spinach, Whey Protein, Taro Extract, Instant Oats, Inulin Fiber, Psyllium Husk, Glutathione, Collagen, Ashwagandha
Basil, Asparagus, Goty Kola, Stevia


36 g x 10 sachets


âœ…đ‘¶đ‘Œđ‘č đ‘·đ‘čđ‘¶đ‘«đ‘Œđ‘Șđ‘»đ‘ș 𝑹đ‘č𝑬 đ‘”đ‘¶đ‘» 𝑹𝑳𝑳𝑬đ‘č𝑼𝒀 đ‘·đ‘čđ‘¶đ‘¶đ‘­.

âœ…đ‘©đ’€ đ‘·đ‘Œđ‘čđ‘Ș𝑯𝑹đ‘șđ‘°đ‘”đ‘ź đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘°đ‘ș đ‘·đ‘čđ‘¶đ‘«đ‘Œđ‘Șđ‘» đ’€đ‘¶đ‘Œ đ‘č𝑬đ‘Șđ‘¶đ‘źđ‘”đ‘°đ’đ‘Ź đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Ź 𝑭𝑹đ‘Șđ‘» đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘šđ‘» đ‘șđ‘¶đ‘Žđ‘Ź đ‘°đ‘”đ‘źđ‘čđ‘Źđ‘«đ‘°đ‘Źđ‘”đ‘»đ‘ș đ‘Șđ‘šđ‘” đ‘Șđ‘šđ‘Œđ‘ș𝑬 đ‘șđ‘Čđ‘°đ‘” 𝑰đ‘čđ‘čđ‘°đ‘»đ‘šđ‘»đ‘°đ‘¶đ‘” đ‘¶đ‘č 𝑹𝑳𝑳𝑬đ‘č𝑼𝒀 đ‘°đ‘” đ‘șđ‘Œđ‘șđ‘Șđ‘Źđ‘·đ‘»đ‘°đ‘©đ‘łđ‘Ź đ‘°đ‘”đ‘«đ‘°đ‘œđ‘°đ‘«đ‘Œđ‘šđ‘łđ‘ș.

âœ…đ‘­đ‘¶đ‘č đ‘šđ‘«đ‘Œđ‘łđ‘» đ‘Œđ‘ș𝑬 đ‘¶đ‘”đ‘łđ’€. đ‘”đ‘¶đ‘» đ‘č𝑬đ‘Șđ‘¶đ‘Žđ‘Žđ‘Źđ‘”đ‘«đ‘Źđ‘« đ‘­đ‘¶đ‘č đ‘Șđ‘Żđ‘°đ‘łđ‘«đ‘čđ‘Źđ‘”, đ‘·đ‘čđ‘Źđ‘źđ‘”đ‘šđ‘”đ‘». 𝑰𝑭 đ’€đ‘¶đ‘Œ 𝑹đ‘č𝑬 𝑳𝑹đ‘Șđ‘»đ‘šđ‘»đ‘°đ‘”đ‘ź đ‘Žđ‘¶đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Źđ‘č đ‘·đ‘łđ‘Źđ‘šđ‘ș𝑬 đ‘Șđ‘¶đ‘”đ‘șđ‘Œđ‘łđ‘» đ’€đ‘¶đ‘Œđ‘č đ‘«đ‘¶đ‘Șđ‘»đ‘¶đ‘č đ‘©đ‘Źđ‘­đ‘¶đ‘č𝑬 đ‘Œđ‘ș𝑬.

✅𝑰𝑭 đ’€đ‘¶đ‘Œ 𝑹đ‘č𝑬 đ‘»đ‘šđ‘Čđ‘°đ‘”đ‘ź đ‘šđ‘”đ’€ đ‘Žđ‘Źđ‘«đ‘°đ‘Șđ‘šđ‘»đ‘°đ‘¶đ‘”, đ‘Șđ‘¶đ‘”đ‘șđ‘Œđ‘łđ‘» đ‘«đ‘¶đ‘Șđ‘»đ‘¶đ‘č đ‘©đ‘Źđ‘­đ‘¶đ‘č𝑬 đ‘Œđ‘ș𝑬.

âœ…đ‘”đ‘¶ đ‘šđ‘·đ‘·đ‘čđ‘¶đ‘œđ‘Źđ‘« đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Źđ‘čđ‘šđ‘·đ‘Źđ‘Œđ‘»đ‘°đ‘Ș đ‘Ș𝑳𝑹𝑰𝑮đ‘ș.

âœ…đ‘Ÿđ‘Ź đ‘«đ‘¶ đ‘”đ‘¶đ‘» đ‘źđ‘Œđ‘šđ‘čđ‘šđ‘”đ‘»đ‘Źđ‘Ź đ‘č𝑬đ‘șđ‘Œđ‘łđ‘»đ‘ș. đ‘č𝑬đ‘șđ‘Œđ‘łđ‘»đ‘ș 𝑮𝑹𝒀 đ‘œđ‘šđ‘č𝒀 𝑭đ‘čđ‘¶đ‘Ž đ‘·đ‘Źđ‘čđ‘șđ‘¶đ‘” đ‘»đ‘¶ đ‘·đ‘Źđ‘čđ‘șđ‘¶đ‘”.

âœ…đ‘·đ‘łđ‘Źđ‘šđ‘ș𝑬 đ‘”đ‘¶đ‘»đ‘Ź đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘šđ‘» đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Ź đ‘·đ‘šđ‘Șđ‘Čđ‘šđ‘źđ‘°đ‘”đ‘ź đ‘šđ‘·đ‘·đ‘Źđ‘šđ‘čđ‘šđ‘”đ‘Ș𝑬 đ‘¶đ‘­ đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Ź đ‘°đ‘»đ‘Źđ‘Ž 𝑮𝑹𝒀 đ‘”đ‘¶đ‘» đ‘©đ‘Ź 𝑬𝑿𝑹đ‘Șđ‘»đ‘łđ’€ đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Ź đ‘ș𝑹𝑮𝑬 đ‘șđ‘Żđ‘¶đ‘Ÿđ‘” đ‘°đ‘” đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Ź đ‘·đ‘°đ‘Șđ‘»đ‘Œđ‘č𝑬đ‘ș 𝑹đ‘ș đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Ź đ‘Žđ‘šđ‘”đ‘Œđ‘­đ‘šđ‘Șđ‘»đ‘Œđ‘č𝑬 𝑮𝑹𝒀 đ‘Șđ‘Żđ‘šđ‘”đ‘źđ‘Ź đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Ź đ‘łđ‘¶đ‘¶đ‘Č đ‘¶đ‘­ đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Ź đ‘·đ‘šđ‘Șđ‘Čđ‘šđ‘źđ‘°đ‘”đ‘ź đ‘Źđ‘œđ‘Źđ‘č𝒀 đ‘”đ‘¶đ‘Ÿ đ‘šđ‘”đ‘« đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Źđ‘”, đ‘©đ‘Œđ‘» đ‘Șđ‘¶đ‘”đ‘»đ‘Źđ‘”đ‘»đ‘ș 𝑹đ‘č𝑬 đ‘»đ‘Żđ‘Ź đ‘ș𝑹𝑮𝑬.

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