RMK Whitening Deodorant

Controls sweaty underarms for up to 12hrs with whitenind effect.


whitens underarms in two weeks
no harmful chemicals
eliminates body odor
eliminates chicken skin due to plucking
keeps you dry and fresh all day!
safe for lactating moms
safe for pregnant women
safe for young adults ages 7yrs and above
recommended for men and women

How to use:
Using cotton pads, put enough amount and apply around your UA.
Use it once or twice a day after taking a bath.

CAUTION:  DO NOT use after plucking, shaving or waxing. Let your UA rest for atleast 24 hours.

Recommended for both men and women.



Distilled Water, Vit C, Calamansi Extract, Licorice Root Extract, 3% Alum, Ethyl Alcohol