Ryx Skin Swiss Choco Blend 10s

A meal replacement that’s both delicious and nutritious! 

Made with high-quality ingredients & designed to provide all the nutrients our body needs.

The perfect solution for busy days when you need a quick & nutrition meals on-the-go. 

Reasons to love our Swiss Choco Blend?
1. It’s super easy to get your full balanced nutrition on-the-go.
2. You can blend it (protein shake) or bake it (protein bars / cookies) 

Choco Malt Cocoa Powder
Pea Protein
Rolled Oats
Sodium Ascorbate
Carrot Extract
Moringa Oleifera Powder
Barley Extract
Chlorella Powder
Acai Berry Extract
Goji Berry Extract
Grape Seed Extract
47 calories per sachet