G21 Sakura Set/Individual


Cherry blossom cleanser - whitening, cleanse pores, exfoliates, removes deep seated dirt, controls oiliness, prevent breakouts.

Bentonite clay mask - Lighten and soften skin, helps even skintone, helps minimize pores, exfoliates skin, removes toxins, treat and prevent breakout, deep cleanses pores, removes apperance of darkspots, leaves beautiful and glowing skin.

Japanese blossom serum - provides long lasting firming, smoothing and moisturizing effect that will leave your face feeling youthful, glowing and supple.

 Japanese facial mist - pore minimizing helps the skin maintans its natural moisture, anti-acne, hydrates the skin, lightens dark spots and blemishes, and removes deep seated dirt.

Sakura is an elegant symbol of Japanese beauty, like the rose represents the beauty of the west. 

Use this as a maitenance after using rejuvenating set.