Seoul White Korea BYE BYE ACNE Pimple-fighting whip soap FREE 6-pc Pimple Patch

Unveil brighter, clearer skin in no time with the new Seoul White Korea Bye Bye Acne Bright & Clear Whip Soap. This acne-fighting whip soap features an ultra-fine net to gently exfoliate skin as it creates a unique whipped, cleansing foam. Powered by Cica, Salicylic acid and Tea tree, its Korean NanoFoam Technology works deep inside the pores to fight and prevent pimple-causing bacteria. Niacinamide also ensure your complexion stays soft and bright with every wash.


for sensitive- acne prone skin





The secret to our Bye Bye Acne Whip Soap, revealed. Nanofoam globules containing pimple-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and cica extract penetrate deep into the pores to fight acne-causing bacteria, providing intensive cleansing and repair at a cellular level. Niacinamide also ensure your complexion stays soft and bright with every wash.


w/ FREE 6pcs hydrocolloid pimple patch

This fast-acting acne solution features hydrocolloid to draw out pus and oil from pimples. It also protects skin from further contamination for an easy blemish removal. Cica extract and other blemish-busting ingredients speed up the healing process and help prevent scarring. 



Cica Extract – Skin-Soothing

Tea Tree Oil – Anti-Acne

Salicylic Acid – Deep Cleansing

Niacinamide – Brightening 



Gentle Exfoliation

Controls Oil & Sebum Production

Unclogs Pores

Reduces Blemishes

Prevents Future Breakout

Healthy, Clean Looking skin with ever wash

Clearer face within 2-3 days


Visible improvement on marks -1-2 weeks



For Whip Soap: Wet the soap bar with water and rub until a whipped foam forms. Massage onto skin then rise with water. Use daily on face. For best results, use with Bye Bye Acne AHA BHA PHA Serum Toner and Zit Zapper Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch


For Pimple Patch: Apply the pimple patch on the pimple after removing the film. The color of the patch will change from transparent to white after absorbing the pus from the pimple. Change as often as needed."