SKINMATE Placenta Cream 8g


Contains effective and natural ingredients that Combat skin’s enemies.


A perfect combination of botanical extract, squalene from shark oil, olive oil, virgin coconut oil and glycerin to combat drying up and relieve skin from daily stresses.

Vitamin system of B3, B6 and C prevent oxygen from attacking your skin while Vitamin B3 a nutrient known as a skin whitening agent, whitens skin in less than two (2) weeks of continous use giving the skin a natural pinkish glow.

SKINMATE PLACENTA CREAM contains sun block that protects the skin from the damaging UVB and UVA rays known as very harmful to the skin. Research shows that UVB rays can cause skin cancer and daily use of Skinmate Placenta Cream keeps skin from too much exposure to UVB rays making it safe all the time.


Skinmate Placenta Cream not only works as a sun block but as a skin moisturizer as well, it has shown remarkable results in restoring back to normal skin damaged and destroyed by excessive use of harsh skin peeling whitening agents.



Mineral oil, Vegerable oil, Water, Isobutyl alcohol, Ethyl alcohol, Silicon dioxide, Color (red40), Orange fragrance, Salicylic acid, Botanical placenta extract from Hibiscus  Rosa-Sinensis


To Apply: 

Can be used freely day and night. 

Excessive use of skin peeling-whitening agent can cause skin darkening and irritation. SkinMate Placenta Cream restores back to normal and prevents further damage to skin caused by excessive use of such products.