Sooper Beaute Anti-Acne Combo (Beautiful Skin Serum 15ml + Tea Tree Extract & Vitamin E 15ml)

CLAIM TO FAME: A Serum & Oil Combo that promises a Clear and Pimple-Free skin



This combo includes our Beautiful Skin Serum + Tea Tree Extract & Vitamin E and Pure Rosehip Oil


• Beautiful Skin Serum + Tea Tree Extract & Vitamin E

  A facial serum that boosts skin hydration without the heavy feeling

 Fades dark spots, evens out skin tone

 Reduces skin redness from Vitamin B3 (niacinamide)

 Has a natural UV barrier from Vitamin E

 Contains antibacterial & antifungal compounds from Tea Tree Extact that help treat acne.

 Fades dark spots, leftover scars, and hyperpigmentation;

 Corrects and evens out skin tone

 Helps treat acne with tea tree extract


• Pure Rosehip Oil

 Boosts skin’s youthfulness by hydrating & reducing its dullness

 Achieve a youthful glow when you add this miracle to your skincare regimen

 Use on individuals with degenerative tissues & keloid scarring

 Rosehip Seed Oil is considered one of the best oils for people who want to reduce their stretch marks

 It’s extremely moisturizing due to its natural content of trans-retinoic acids & a complex system of unsaturated essential fatty acids

 Rosehip Seed Oil has the ability to firm the skin, remove stretch marks and keep the skin hydrated & supple


PERFECT FOR: Acne-prone and blemished skin


RESULTS TO: Skin that looks clear and smooth


DIRECTIONS: One to two scoops of the serum on your face and neck followed by 1-2 drops of the Pure Oil everynight on clean skin



WHAT YOU GET: (1) Beautiful Skin Serum + Tea Tree Extract & Vitamin E  and (1) Pure Rosehip Oil