The Diet Coach Ultra Power Glow (8 bottles/box)



Key differentiating Advantage #1 Glutathione + Collagen (Powerful Fusion)

With more brands adding collagen drink to their product lines, UPG stands out by infusing Glutathione which is accepted, recognized and trusted by most whitening enthusiasts. 


It's a bottle with combination of Glutathione and Collagen!



The product is actually existing na, other brands also launch na like this but our KEY FACTOR, based sa content and pricing MAS WORTH IT eto !!



Each Bottle contains 250 mg of Glutathione and 5,000 ng of Collagen and 20 mg of Vitamin C, formulated to help give you instantly smoother and whiter skin.


With the powerful combination of Glutathione and Collagen, plus Vitamin C and Blueberry Juice🫐  as added antioxidants, thus sugar-free beauty power drink is all you need for that instant boost of glow from the inside out.



What you'll get: 8 bottles in one box