Tiny Buds Belly Button Protection Patches (6 pcs)

DID YOU KNOW: During the first few months from baby’s birth, baby’s umbilical cord area is very prone to inflammation. 

Tiny Remedies Waterproof Belly Button Patch is medically designed to protect baby’s delicate belly button area from possible wetness and infections when in contact with water. Each piece is made from high grade cotton mesh which is both comfortable and safe for baby’s newborn skin.

It is advised to use the patch for 30 mins to 1 hours only. After each single use, gently peel off the patch and throw away in proper waste disposal.

If the patch is left on the baby or child’s skin for a prolonged period, it is recommended to apply water or oil on the patch for easier removal.

Older kids may also use the patch to prevent injection marks or open wounds from getting infected when in contact with water or moisture.