Brilliant Skin Colla G Collagen Drink (10 bottles per box)

Make a habit of drinking Colla G every day to stay healthy and radiant.

Keep your skin hydrated and fresh by drinking Colla G Collagen Drink!
Helps reduce wrinkles
Improve skin elasticity
Helps skin rejuvenation

What's inside:
Japan Marine Collagen - Support skin elasticity and hydration
Baobab Extract - Improve skin moisture content and cell vitality
Kiwi Seed Extract - Improve wrinkles and skin pigmentation and regulate skin sebum and anti-acne
Blueberry Tea - Stimulate hydration gene expression
Hyaluronic Acid - Improve skin moisture. Strengthen skin barrier
What makes it powerful? It's because of its natural and premium ingredients!

Product weight:Ā 30ml each x 10Ā bottlesĀ per box