Wuttiham Coffee 32 in 1 Herbs Instant Mix Healthy Weight Loss Control

32 in 1 made from premium Arabica coffee blended with natural ingredients that are beneficial to the body

such as cordyceps,carrots, soybeans, Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng and others, total of 32 types, no creamer, no sugar, no Make you fat and control your hunger drink and berefreshed good health


1. Numbness in the fingers, toes, locked fingers, better skin.

2. Help with the digestive system excess fat

3. Clean the intestines. The stomach collapses.

4. Leg pain, joint pain, headache, numbness

5. Arthritis,migraines, blurred vision

6. Diabetes, high blood pressure, drinking and blood sugar decreases, better health


Pour 1 sachet and dissolve in 120ml hot water 

Net weight: 300 grams
1 pack contains 20g x 15 sachets 


Made In Thailand